Why Buy BIGMAX Outrigger Stabilizers

Why Buy BIGMAX Outrigger Stabilizers?

  1. Excellent prices
  2. More choice including cross beams, half stabilizers and single legs
  3. Full range of sizes for 2 to 120 t/m cranes
  4. Many options including hydraulic or manual side extensions and adjustable, tilt up or fixed legs
  5. Designs can be customized to meet specific OEM requirements
  6. Outriggers are fabricated from high strength Domex steel
  7. Engineered to exceed European and North American safety standards
  8. Fast delivery as many models shipped from stock within 24 hours
  9. Selection and ordering assistance from friendly, knowledgeable staff
  10. Easy installation with mounting kits and detailed instructions
  11. Technical support available by e-mail or toll-free phone
  12. Two year parts and labour warranty
  13. Freight savings of up to 50% anywhere in North America
  14. Additional savings with factory direct shipping for OEMs