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BIGMAX Outrigger Type H

Type H
Type H

Half Stabilizer

This outrigger has a cross beam with one side extension and one hydraulic leg. It provides an economical solution for stabilizing side-mounted equipment including small cranes ranging in size from 2 to 4 t/m. Type H outriggers are typically used on truck chassis under 19,500 GVW.

This outrigger comes in two styles — with a fixed leg for cranes under 3 t/m and with an adjustable leg for cranes from 3 to 4 t/m.

Download Type H Technical Specifications Sheet PDF file

Type H

Safety Note Safety Note: Click here for stabilizer selection information.

Fixed Leg/Size O (for cranes < 3 t/m)

Type H size O

Adjustable Leg/Size OA (for cranes up to 4 t/m)

Type H size OA