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BIGMAX Outrigger Type B

Type B
Type B

Cross Beam/1 Extension

This type of outrigger has a cross beam with only one side extension. While it can be used with any side mounted equipment, it is often used in conjunction with service bodies to stabilize corner mounted cranes.

Type B outrigger stabilizers are available in three sizes to be used with cranes ranging in size from 4 to 31 t/m. Type B models come with a manual or hydraulic extension and an adjustable, non-adjustable or tilt up leg.

Download Type B Technical Specifications Sheet PDF file

Type B

Safety Note Safety Note: Click here for stabilizer selection information.

Size 0 (Max. Cylinder Load Rating 2950 daN)

Type B size 0

Size 1 (Max. Cylinder Load Rating 6250 daN)

Type B size 1

Size 2 (Max. Cylinder Load Rating 8250 daN)

Type B size 2